Writing Buddies

This is for Metroknow, who commented here yesterday.

First, thanks for your kind comments! I write what I feel, and put it out there for anyone. It’s great to hear that others are out there reading it! Just knowing that is the best compliment I can think of for my writing.

And second, my NaNoWriMo handle is “Lunarobverse”, same as my blog name. I’ve been Lunar or Lunar Obverse online for almost as long as I’ve been online. This is my NaNoWriMo page. Good luck, Metroknow! May the words flow like… um… flow-y stuff. (See how many words I used there? And it’s funny. That’s a helpful trick for this thing. You’re welcome.)

I tried to find an email to send it to him (her?) privately but couldn’t find one. And if Metroknow, or anyone else, would like to be my “writing buddy” or otherwise keep track of my progress (and compare it to theirs if they’re feeling competitive, heh), feel free.

I know my friend Kevin is also doing NaNoWriMo this month for the first time! Maybe I’ll see any other lurkers out there at any of the several Portland-area meetups over the next month.

And, no – I haven’t started writing yet. In fact, I’m late for work and I have to get going…