Did you see…?

More cool stuff from around the World of The Internet!

  • Who needs a calculator anymore when there’s programs like this that use natural language to do math? That’s the coolest calculator I’ve ever seen.
  • Kittens love Front Row.
  • You’d hope that our Congresscritters would be used to email by now. It’s only been around and in general use for, oh, over a decade now. Apparently not. Way to fuck up an investigation, guys and gals.
  • I’m not sure how to square the idea of Multnomah County not requesting disclosure of prior felonies from prospective employees, with the twice-annual background check I have to pass to keep my job at the county.
  • I hate spiders. Even photoshopped “cute” squirrel-spider hybrids. *shudder* You’ve been warned.
  • On the other hand, I love LOLcats. And this week, some enterprising hackers came up with LOLcode, a LOLcat-based programming language. That makes me proud to be alive today.
  • Scarlett Johansson is exactly my kind of crazy. So hot.
  • I’m not sure what’s funnier – the energy that so many people put into uncovering such an obvious connection, or how pissed Thom Yorke seems to be about it, if the post at Stereogum is to be believed.
  • I need to give Neil Gaiman’s advice on getting over writer’s block a try:

    Suggestions? Put it aside for a few days, or longer, do other things, try not to think about it. Then sit down and read it (printouts are best I find, but that’s just me) as if you’ve never seen it before. Start at the beginning. Scribble on the manuscript as you go if you see anything you want to change. And often, when you get to the end you’ll be both enthusiastic about it and know what the next few words are.

    And you do it all one word at a time.

  • Note to self: become acquainted with Susan Wayward’s music list. I didn’t recognize most of the songs on that list. Dammit.