White (sand) Christmas

My family does Christmas right. Most years, for the past, oh, decade or more, we fly away to some tropical location and bake in the sun and get drunk.

We don’t have to give presents to each other, and we leave it to Santa to take care of the kids. The vacation is present enough.

Last year we went to New York City. Not tropical. Had a great time, anyway, but I really missed swimming in the warm blue Caribbean Ocean on Christmas Eve, nicely plastered and tan and happy and surrounded by my family. In the past we’ve gone to Mexico (several times) and Hawaii and Aruba (I didn’t get to go to Aruba).

And this year is a traditional (our tradition) Christmas. I just booked my flight and hotel reservation.

I fly out of Portland on Saturday, December 22nd, early, and arrive that afternoon in sunny Cancún, Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula, the Las Vegas of Mexico, where I will be staying 13 nights at the Blue Bay All Inclusive Resort.

Yeah, that rocks. You can commence envying me now.

My sister, her husband, their two kids, and her mother-in-law, will be staying at the Blue Bay All Inclusive Family resort, on the north beach. What’s the difference? Well, for starters, there’s topless beaches and pools at the one I’m staying at. But I will still be spending time with the family. It’s still a Christmas trip, after all!

I should be down to the mid-160s in weight by then… maybe I’ll get my back waxed. Want to look good on the beach…