Did you see..?

Some links from the past week you might have missed:

  • Radiohead’s downloadable album, “In Rainbows” may have pulled in between US$6 million and US$10 million, according to The Seminal, via Eliot Van Buskirk over at the Wired blog. The average price paid per album appears to be between US$5 and US$8 per download.
  • I want to wear a Mohawk toupee. Someday.
  • Via kottke comes the story of two auto enthusiasts who have broken the unofficial Cannonball Run record for driving from New York City to Los Angles: 31 hours, 4 minutes. They were inspired by a movie that should be familiar to my family and friends, of a morning rendezvous in Paris.
  • OYG! Time Bandit map! I want one!
  • Dustin Rowles at Pajiba speculates on what came next in a whole slew of romantic comedies and made me laugh.

    Sure, sure — saving Buttercup from an Evil Prince bought him a few years of unconditional affection, years in which she tolerated Westley’s loutish ways (he never lifted the seat in the outhouse, for instance). But she always wanted to read or talk about her feelings, while all Westley wanted to do was appreciate her “perfect breasts” and swashbuckle. Moreover, as you may recall from their initial courtship, “nothing gave Buttercup as much pleasure as ordering Westley around,” and after the luster of their new relationship began to fade a little, Buttercup fell into old habits. Westley, however, stopped finding her incessant demands endearing; he just thought she was a nag (through the years, his “as you wish” grew more and more sarcastic).

    Heh. Indeed.

  • I walk past the Hawthorne Strip every day on my way to and from work. Apparently so does this Richard Thruster fellow. I guess he a) works near me, b) liked his visit, c) but doesn’t like Goth-y girls. More for me, I guess.
  • If fuckin’ Neil Gaiman can get lost in the trudge of writing, but sometimes finds himself flying and the words just flow… then there’s hope for me, too.