I don’t get it

Wow, do I have a lot of questions about this little video:

Why did Luthor want to know why the peanut butter tastes so great in the first place? Why did he waste the opportunity to destroy Superman forever just to ask him about peanut butter?

Why didn’t Superman just tell him? Will that knowledge somehow give Luthor an advantage of some kind?

Why did Superman just lock Luthor into Luthor’s own secret lair? And wasn’t it kind of mean for Superman to taunt Luthor by eating the peanut butter with the kids? That’s not really very nice.

And, wait a minute – what’s the deal with Luthor’s lair having an easily-accessible window from which the kids can watch? What kind of evil super-villain is Luthor to leave that wide open? I mean, sure, it seems kind of cool that he’s got a castle, but, damn, man, why not beef up the security a little? I mean you’re enemies with freakin’ Superman! The guy can see through walls, and is stronger than just about any-freakin’-one! He can fly! Heat vision! Use a little more common sense, man!

How did those kids find that lair in the first place?

When did Superman feel the need for money that was so bad he had to license peanut butter in the first place? The man can literally squeeze coal into diamonds! He can turn back time if he feels like it! Between those two abilities, he can pretty much retire with, oh, I don’t know, all the money in the world! I sure hope that the proceeds for that peanut butter are going towards sick children or something, ’cause, otherwise, I might have to start rooting for Lex Luthor. The man just wants to know why it tastes so good. I hope it’s not some “special ingredient” like human flesh or something.

…my head spins from all the questions. I really want to know the rest of the story.