“No Ackadnt”

Walking across the Burnside Bridge last night on my way to Debate Club, I spotted a crumpled up sheet of lined white paper, covered in handwriting. Picked it up, uncrumpled it, and found the following (transcribed as closely as possible, retaining original punctuation and spelling):

Begin transcribed letter
On 4-202 On 4/7-02 I was comeing from Portland OR. I left about 900 PM I was Heading to lower grants Pass I was ABout 10mile From the Motal and I stoped to take a piss. I pulled over ond the Left side of the road when I was done. I started to take off and the tires of my slveR truck spun in the gravle and sldid me OFF the Road. I let OFF the gass and the moter Died And I laid in to the Dich.

A call A Towe TRuck about 2:30 AM the tow truck SHoed up and could not pull me ouT He was to small. He call some one cause it was cold and the wind was Blowing. A car came by ABout 300 AM and I got a ride from him to the motel at Boyer Park. The night crew was just getting OFF work. And was drinking so I told them that I got stuck in a dick. They lafted. So I started to drink [scribbled out – unreadable] with them [scribble] . Around 3.30

Over [page two – second side of paper]

A Drank with them [scribble] I got a ride [scribble] Back to my truck to meet the tow truck About About 10 min the truck showed up. And said He would not tow me out of the Dich un till a cop showed up. I had to be At work at 600 AM to get the my crew going. And then I was going to go back to my truck

so I got aride from onof the outher contrcker that was going by on His way to work

I was on the job side and a cop showed up and Told me that the I left the sean of a AckADNT. I said There was No AckADNT. So I went with the cop Back to my Truck.

This is when He Started to Read me my Rights.

I told Him I was not Drinking when when I got my truck stuck.

End of transcribed letter

A sad tale, yes, but most importantly, some beautiful found art.