Tell all your friends


I never saw her face. Just heard her voice. Young. Still burred with sleep.

“I so hope you’re not asleep right now.”

She was on the phone with someone. She sounded like she was embarrassed but had to talk. She was sharing a secret.

“You’re not asleep? OK, because if you were… I’d… I don’t know. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I really really like Cory. No, I mean really, really like him!”

We were on the bus, she in the seat behind me. I just sipped my coffee, sent off some texts to my Twitter page and Tracy, and listened.

“I know! He’s so cute!

I tuned her out for a bit, until she said:

“Hey. You must be asleep. I’m on my way to school… Just wanted to tell you that I have a boyfriend now. Yeah. I know! Cory. I’m not going to say anything more on your voicemail, but… yeah. OK. Um, see you. Bye!”

She called someone else? Funny. But just a few seconds after, I heard her voice again.

“Hello? It’s me. You will not believe this. I have a boyfriend! I know! I really really really really really like Cory.”

This was her third call in about 10 minutes. Was she going to call all of her friends? Being a boy, I wondered what happened last night for this girl to decide Cory was her boyfriend. And what was Cory thinking this morning? Did he share her feelings?

My stop approached. I left her to her social networking.