Best part

What’s the best announcement from Steve Jobs’ at today’s Apple Special Event?

Could it be the iPod widescreen nano? Nice, but who besides a teenager would want to watch anything on that tiny little screen?

Custom ringtones from the iTunes Music Store? Not even close. I almost always have my phone on vibrate. Besides, if I want ringtones I’ll just rip them from the music I already have instead of forking over ninety-nine freakin’ cents for the privilege.

High capacity hard drive iPods? My 30 GB is nearly full, sure. But I’m gonna have say, no, that’s not the coolest announcement.

iTunes Music Store via iPod/WiFi? Yeah, that’s nice and stuff. But out of my 25 GB library, there’s maybe 20 songs in there that were from the iTMS, and I didn’t pay for any of them. I got them as free promotions. I don’t buy music that way. So that’s not a big deal to me.

I know what you’re thinking? What’s left? What’s the best part?

iPod touch? So damned sexy, yes, yes, yes… It’s basically an iPhone without the phone! Touch screen, CoverFlow, WiFi and a freakin’ BROWSER built in? This could not be any sexier unless it was, in fact, an iPhone. And thin! How did they make this thinner than an iPhone? The iPhone is basically the screen and the battery; the circuit board is tiny! Removing the phone part does not, in my head, enable them to make the rest of it 8 mm. Maybe it is magical?

…and yet, no. That’s not the best part. Want to know what the best part of today’s announcement is?

$200 price drop on the iPhone.

Yes, that’s right. I saved an additional two hundred dollars by not breaking my contract with T-Mobile and buying an iPhone when they first came out. Sometimes waiting is a good thing. I am a Super-Genius. Or closely resemble one.

Oh, T-Mobile. Buh-bye. You’re so doomed.