Elevator scene

I’m feelin’ scruffy, in basketball shorts and a running shirt, in the elevator at the Multnomah Building. I’m going from my office in the basement, to the 5th floor, the one with the break room.

Guy in Dockers and a button-shirt gets on at the first floor. Gives me a suspicious “sideways glance”, then notices my badge. “Oh, you work in the building? County employee?” He brightens considerably and offers his hand for a shake.

“Yeah” I say. Shake his hand.

“And what department do you work for?” he asks. The doors for the 4th floor open, he starts to step off.

“I.T.” I say.

“Oh, excellent, excellent!” This seems to confirm his suspicion, based on my casual dress, and steps off. The doors close. I laugh, once, out loud.