Stuff ‘n’ stuff

There’s a lot I’d like to write about but I’ll have to wait.

Like how Ken accidentally left our work van running while we had lunch yesterday.

Or about the reality show “The Pickup Artist” on VH1, and how interesting it is to me, and how the criticisms of it that I’ve seen in the blogosphere always takes the same tactic, and if you just look at the things Mystery is teaching, it’s very sensible advice for building a life, not just “getting laid”. F’rinstance, in episode 3 he’s teaching the guys how to tell stories in an interesting way. How is that bad, again?

“Gentlemen, if you are interesting, then girls will be interested in you.” See how that works?

I didn’t start watching the show, though, until I talked about it with Sharai, my favorite dancer. She’s fascinated by it, which is even more intriguing.

Or I could post about Athena and how she made a cool post about meeting a boy and how he found her via the internet afterwards and how embarrassed she was. That’s kinda fun…

Or I could post about the strange look that the non-iPhone girl gave me last Tuesday at The Mission Theater.

Or about my still-missing Smacky and how I might be getting another cat. Or maybe not.

So much to write about. So little time.