New Media

No, no, not “new media” as in blogs and the blogosphere. I dropped over $100 on new (to me) music and movies. That kind of media. I guess it’s all optical media, CDs and DVDs.

Let me show you how my mind works. I have a list of music that I want to get. Basically, since I shop at Everyday Music, a huge local chain that stocks music and movies, used and new, I think of artists to look for, and if I can find them used, I pick them up.

Here’s the list I started with:

And here’s what I walked out with:

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Chronicles, Vol. 1”
  • Concrete Blonde, “Bloodletting”
  • Social Distortion, “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”
  • Social Distortion, “Sex, Love, and Rock and Roll”
  • Social Distortion, “Social Distortion”
  • The Cramps, “How To Make a Monster” (two disk set!)

OK, so I got one of the artists I was looking for. And, believe me, I considered many more; two more Concrete Blonde albums, another one of The Cramps’ disks, more, more, more. I ended up with all the Social Distortion because I was browsing the “S” bins for Seger and Spoon. And finding used CDs of The Cramps is rare, so when I spotted them in the “C” bin I had to have them.

The movies I got at the bargain bin later that same day, and they’re all favorites that I’ve seen many times, or in one case, a movie I’ve only seen once and want to watch several more times. In chronological order:

Notice anything? They’re all comedies. So many of my favorite movies are, in fact, comedies.