Revisiting the To-Do list I posted on Friday:

  • 5000 words on my as-yet unfinished NaNoWriMo novel.

I did about 1000 words. I really had a difficult time overcoming my internal resistance to starting this. I spent most of the afternoon Saturday at Backspace, with the file open and staring at me on my laptop, but I kept surfing around instead. Then today, I tried writing at the local coffee shop, and again, surfed instead. Finally tried to open the file in WriteRoom, a full-screen editor that’s supposed to block out all distractions and let me concentrate on just writing… and discovered that I had uninstalled it. Had to go find it and install it, then had to configure it… yeah. I was all distracted. I finally went back and re-read what I had written before, started laughing at my hilarious writing, and then got going for a bit. So… 1000 words, give or take. I got started.

  • Do the dishes in the sink. ALL the dishes.

I did half the dishes. Another partial completion.

  • Outline of two other novels kicking around in my head.

…um, no.

  • Start running again (haven’t run in two weeks).

Yes! I ran 3.5 miles on Saturday, and I rode my bike for over an hour (two trips, one to Fred Meyers on Johnson Creek, and once to the QFC for groceries). So, exercise has begun again. Just hoping the endorphins will kick in soon.

  • Probably get really really drunk at some (or several) point.

Check. Saturday night.

So, um, mission partially accomplished. Yay, me.

Tonight I watched some stuff that had been automatically recording and piling up on my DVR hard drive. Walked up to Video Lair to see if there was anything interesting to rent (nope) and ate three donuts that I didn’t really need (chocolate iced creme-filled, raspberry jelly filled, and glazed). I’ve got a book I’m reading about happiness; not a self-help book, but an amusing pop-science look at how people look for happiness and why our brains work against us in that pursuit called “Stumbling on Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert.