Short interjection of praise

I just wanted to point out, for anyone reading this blog who isn’t already aware, that Google Maps are now one-hundred and seventy-three times more useful by adding the ability to click-and-drag routes on the map.

If that explanation doesn’t do it for you, just try it. Get driving directions from somewhere to somewhere else. Don’t like that route? Wanted one that took a right turn at Albuquerque, just like Bugs and Daffy always did? Well, move your cursor over the blue line of the route, click, and drag that line over to Albuquerque. Watch as the route shifts and curves over the possible routes, in real time, as you drag.

The time and distance updates in real-time, too, both in the left sidebar, and on the pop-up tool tip on the map itself, by your cursor.

It’s amazing. Really. It’s been amazingly helpful to me on my road trip.

OK, back to trip updates, and then back to “normal” blogging (whatever that is ’round here).