Father’s Day ice cream cake

I will always think of him has being from New Jersey. My dad has objected to this in the past. “I’ve lived in Oregon for over 40 years!” he said once, “doesn’t that make me an Oregonian?”

Nope. Sorry, dad. You’re from Jersey. Oregonians are born, not made. I don’t make the rules here.

But you will always be my dad.

Oh, and thanks again for the bike! I’m sure you won’t want it back… now.

And now I have to get dressed to ride my (dad’s) bike to meet the rest of the family (including dad) for brunch. And ice cream cake. Oh, ice cream cake how I’ve dreamed about you all week! At least since talking my sister into getting one for Father’s Day, at least since then! Whoever thought to combine ice cream + cake is a frickin’ genius. Sure, lots of people serve ice cream and cake together. But think of the time you save having to only serve one item that has both ice cream and cake in it! So delicious.

…I’m sorry, what? Oh, right, Happy Father’s Day!