Naked Bike Ride: Prologue

Friday night. I’m at the Acropolis, as usual. I had to come in to see if S. was dancing. I wanted to tell her about the midnight naked bike ride.

She was.

I did. Right after watching her on the stage for a full set, and two private dances.

As the song ended, she was sitting in the chair opposite me. I leaned forward. “I’m doing something crazy tomorrow night,” I said.

Her eyes lit up and she leaned forward, too. “What?”

“I’m going on a naked bike ride.”

“What? Naked?” She thought a moment. “I think I’ve heard about that!” She stood up and gathered up her bra, panties and skirt.

“Yeah. It’s awesome. I’ve never been naked in public before. You’ve inspired me with all your talk about being naked.”

She looked down at me and her face grew serious for a moment. “Thank you! That’s… I appreciate that.” She struck a pose, arms wide. “The world needs more naked people!”

I laughed. “I agree completely!”

She sat down in the chair next to me and put on her thong, carefully stepping into them with her 9-inch platform shoes. “Have you ever seen a naked war?” She arched her back to raise her ass so she could pull the panties up.

“No! Well… sometimes the losers are naked.” I pulled out my wallet, fished out the money.

She continued, on a funny rant. I don’t think she’d heard me. “How about a naked fight?” she challenged me, “Knife fight? Mugging? Nobody fights when they’re naked! Naked people are not angry people!”

“That’s very true. They’re too busy giggling.”

She laughed.

I pulled at my shirt, stopped. “I’d be so naked right now if I could.”

She nodded, hiding a grin. “I bet you would. I just bet you would.” She shrugged into her bra, stood, reached around and did the clasp.

I shook my head. “Curse these rules that keep me clothed!” I shook my fist in the air. I started to hand the money to her. She lifted one leg, balancing on one foot, and offered her stocking-clad thigh for me.

I tucked the money into the stocking. The brief warm contact of my fingers on her leg buzzed far more than it should have. I looked up and our eyes locked while she lowered her leg. I thought that was a neat trick of balance.

“My friend, Tracy? You’ve met her, remember?” Sharai nodded, I continued. “She doesn’t think I can do this. She wants me to… just doesn’t think I’ll go through with it.”

Our gaze was still locked and we stood very close together. In her shoes she was over 6 foot. I was looking up at her smiling eyes.

“What, like she think you’re gonna pussy out of it?”

I nodded, smirking. “But talking like that just makes me want to do it more!”

“Oh, no,” she said, enthusiastically. “You’re going to do it. You have that sparkle in your eyes.”