My Naked Bike Ride Update

Hollie, as you may have read in the comments on my previous post, offered to help me find a bike. If the universe wants to help me in this silly quest, who am I to ignore it? Hollie did an amazing amount of research in a short time, and came up with several recommendations based on my simple idea. Sadly, some calls to local bike shops did not immediately turn up the bike models in question, but I figured I still had Saturday to find one or something similar.

I had lunch with Ken today, and he reacted with surprise when I mentioned my little joke about him not letting put my naked ass on his bike. I feel a bit guilty for poking fun at him that way, but in my defense, Tracy thought that way, too.

Also, it turns out that Ken is in the process of buying a new bike for his wife, and getting his bike out of mothballs (heh, I said “mothballs“) and getting back into riding. He and I talked about bikes and the models that Hollie had mentioned.

And then, again, as you can see in the comments, Dad turns up with a bike that he rarely uses. For free.

Thanks, Dad!

Remember what I said about the universe wanting to help?

Looks like the universe wants me to do this. Or at least my friends do.

Let’s ride!