Vive la difference


Cute barista, dressed in black with her green apron, reddish brown hair, blue eyes behind sexy librarian glasses, responding to the question “How was your day?” by describing her bike accident. Startled by a dog, collision with a tree. She turns half away, looking over her shoulder at us, and points to the tears in her shirt, starting on her back, left side, and continuing down towards her butt and thigh. “I’ve got road-rash-by-way-of-tree-bark all along here,” she says, gesturing. “And I tore my shirt.”

Female thoughts:

Tracy thinks, “That poor girl! Ouch! And then she has to work, too? That sucks!. I wonder if Brian notices how cute she is? Wait, he’s male. Duh.”

Male thoughts:

Me: “When she poses like that… I am totally picturing her naked…”