The following post is 100% true

Dream the First:

I’m on a road trip with two geeky friends and Superman. We’re all in a rental car.

My friends and I keep pelting Supes with questions, like “If you’ve got X-Ray vision, can you see out the back of your own head?” Superman gets cranky because he’s supposed to be on vacation and relaxing, and we won’t stop pestering him.

We get lost, and can’t find our way back to the highway. We ask Superman to pick up the car and fly us back to the main highway. He refuses and sulks in the backseat.

Interlude: Smacky scratches at the window, wanting in. I wake up. I let him in, go check my email, get a drink of water, use the bathroom. I go back to sleep.

Dream the Second:

I’m following Ken around the building where I work. He’s trying to get stuff done, and all I want to do is tell him about this really cool and funny dream I had about going on a road trip with Superman.