Happy Memorial Day. I’m just writing off the cuff, having just awakened (Smacky let me sleep in today) so I don’t have much profound to day beyond a hearty thank-you to all the veterans and those who supported them out there.

To my friends and family who have served, thank you.

Thanks especially to my dad, who served in both the Navy and Coast Guard, and told me early on that military service wasn’t worth what you’re asked to put in to it. Although it served him well; he learned a trade, electrician, and that trade carried him, my mom, and my sister and I through some tough times. Plus it gave him a lot of stories to tell… He was on hand to see a nuclear bomb test in the South Pacific. I’d often hoped that would be where I gained my mutant powers, but if it had any such effect, the powers have yet to materialize. Thank you, dad, for your service.

Dad was lucky (or smart) enough not to have to serve in any actual conflicts during his service. That wasn’t true for my uncle Lavere, who was a gunner in World War II. His plane was shot down and he was detained by Germany in a prisoner of war camp, an experience about which he never talked, at least to curious nephews like myself. Thank you for your service.

To my friends Ken and Merry and Jake and Starr – thank you for your service.

Even Taij – I wonder what ever happened to him? A sarcastic, caustic, scheming geek-y ex-Marine. What an odd friendship we had for a year or so, but, still – thank you for your service.

I’m likely not mentioning many more folk, but don’t think it means I’m not grateful. Thank you all for your service.