Like butter

One of the best parts of getting a new jar of Adams natural peanut butter is licking off the big wooden spoon I use to stir it up.

Boing Boing had a post a while back about some kind of fancy crank for stirring your peanut butter.

I don’t mind doing it manually, though. Pushing the spoon down through the layer of oil on top, into the thicker part of the peanut butter. Lifting and twirling and scraping the sides, making sure to get the spoon down into the corners of the jar, the smell of peanuts filling my nose.

And when I’m done and it’s all mixed as good as I can mix it, I pull the spoon out, carefully, wiping the sides and edges off against the lip of the jar. I use a smaller metal spoon to scoop out the excess in the bowl of the wooden spoon – bonus! Now I have two spoons to lick off!

I saw almond butter at the store today. More expensive (this was about a dollar more than my jar of Adams’ and half the size), but it had fewer calories and less fat. I’ll try it next time.