On the bright side

Look at me!

  • My weight is under control – I weighed in at 175 this morning, which is my lowest point since last year. And that’s after a huge pig-out last weekend after beating my previous time for 10K. I’m learning, not just how to eat sensibly, but how to not panic if I do have binge of weakness and gorge. It’s not just about starving myself, but learning not to feel guilty or evil if go a little crazy (especially if I deserve it).
  • My finances are under control – My bills are paid and my credit is under control. In fact, I’m well on my way to paying all my unsecured credit off this year. I’ve got a little money in savings, my job seems as secure as ever, and I’ve got plans to make a little recurring money on the side, even… And I’ve got a little money to “play” with.
  • My apartment is clean (except for “the everything room” but I’m tackling that this weekend).
  • I’ve been adding some actual color and style to my wardrobe – jeans and t-shirts are OK for kickin’ around, but I want to look good, even when I’m being casual.
  • I actually like my boss – that hasn’t happened in a long time. But even though I disagree with him sometimes, in general he’s been pretty open and supportive and helpful. It makes coming to work that much easier.
  • I love my neighborhood. I have decent neighbors, and they know me by face or by name at the coffee shop, the convenience store, the video store, the burger place, the grocery store, my favorite restaurant – and the strip club (heh). I’ve got slews of parks to sit and relax in, and trails to walk and run on, and I can get to everything I need to get to without too much effort.
  • It may seem a small thing, but I’ve got a coupon for a free movie and popcorn and soda at Regal Cinemas to use! I love earning free things!
  • I won $4 in the lottery today! Next up: winning Saturday’s $10.3 million

I think all I have to work on lately is keeping my friendships and family-ships up and maybe working a little harder to strengthen them… and maybe spend some time on finding, nurturing and building a closer relationship with someone special – that part is still lacking.

Anybody watch “My Name Is Earl” lately? He’s been working on becoming an adult. Got his GED, got a job, got an apartment… then he realized he wanted a lady to share it with. I kinda feel like that…

Oh, and my reading stack is outta control. Why do I keep buying more books when I haven’t finished reading the ones I had before? Note to self: no more trips to Powell’s for a while!

Oh, wait, gotta end on a positive note! Um… Oh, yeah, I’ve been actually cooking stuff! Sure, it’s stir-fry or spaghetti, but, still – cooking!

Look at me!