Cinco de Mayo 10K – I win!

Cross-posted from Run, Moon, Run!, my running blog.

I ran the Cinco de Mayo 10K this morning. It was my first time doing their 10K route. I remember last year’s 5K being a fast course for me. In fact, it was a bittersweet race, since I came within 2 seconds of beating my previous best.

This year, I’m turning in a personal best in just about every race. I’m not sure what I’m doing that’s so rockin’, but I don’t plan to change a thing while my mojo is workin’. I last ran on Thursday, a short 3 mile run, took two days to taper, had a nice dinner last night, got plenty of sleep, a small breakfast this morning (a cup of yogurt), lots of water. The temperature was around 51° F, no rain, not too bad humidity – perfect for running!

And this race was no different – I ran 58:40 chip time which is 32 seconds faster than my last 10K, the Bridge 2 Bridge in late March. In fact, even my gun time is better this time than last!

The course today was pretty much an out-and-back one – south along Front Ave., then down onto Barbur Blvd., all the way out to the turnaround point, then back. Slight uphill then a slight downhill. I didn’t feel very strong today and spent the first half pacing just behind these twin girls dressed as Mexican cheerleaders (hey, gotta find inspiration somewhere), with a couple of short (15-30 seconds) walking breaks. When I passed the 1-mile marker I was first disappointed because my time was 10:12 – then I remembered that my chip time was 38 seconds less than that (I start my watch at the gun, not when I cross the starting line). And, mile by mile, I was amazed at my time, even though I felt slower and slower as the race wore on.

But when I got to the 6 mile mark, knowing that only 2/10s of a mile were left, I got my legs to just keep moving. And when I saw the race clock next to the finish line showing 59:something – I kicked it into high gear. I don’t call it a sprint, but it’s pretty damned fast for me. The clocked clicked over to 59:30 as I sped under the banner.

Next weekend I can either do a fun run down in Springfield with Tracy and her friend, or my usual Lake Run in Lake Oswego.