Got Nothin’ Day

I scanned the list over at Wikipedia that shows all the events on this day in history. Although some of the events were intriguing (birthday of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan? Ill-starred launch for Apollo 13 mission to the moon?)… still I found no inspiration there.

Where do ideas come from? What do I write about when there’s nothing leaping to mind?

I could put up an awesome quote.

I could talk about my day via the alphabet.

I could go on vacation and never come back (yes, I am linking to the most recent post, as of the morning of April 11th).

…so many options. I could rant about my day; I could complain about some poor service I received; I could rhapsodize about a shiny new object that will finally (finally!) make my life complete.

There’s ideas for blog posts in the everyday and the extraordinary; the personal or the political; small posts and large posts.

…and then there’s the kind of post that just tosses a bunch of stuff on the screen, as a place-holder until another better idea comes along. I call these “montage posts”. It feels like cheating, or being lazy… But it’s still blogging.

Welcome to “Got Nothin’ Day”.