Do what you fear

On the scale of bravery, obviously the highest reaches are reserved for those who willingly and without hesitation give their lives to save another’s.

Not at those lofty heights, and on a more manageable scale, are those who are dorks. Those who publicly and knowingly stumble, just because; those who make funny faces or wink or stick out their tongues; those who know that fart jokes are truly the great equalizer; those walk funny or talk funny; those with the gift of not caring if they’re viewed as “adults”.

Be a dork and you may not attain vast power over mighty empires and mind-boggling fortunes.

But you may end up rewarded with the infinite richness of smiles and laughter. And even if you don’t – you won’t care.

You’ll be too busy having fun.

“You big dork” is among the most powerful of the Three Word Sentences that shape the world (the other three being, of course, “I love you”, “Let me help” and “Dance with me”). Use it wisely foolishly.