Frak, it’s good

OK, so I gave in to another teevee show that “everyone” said is really good. And it turns out that I like it, too.

Are you sitting down?

The new “Battlestar Galactica” rocks.

I know, I know… You’re thinking “cheesy space opera” and probably “Star Wars rip-off” but, seriously. In the “re-imagined” new series, the writers have given us an awesome people-oriented drama. And there’s this whole tension between the military commander (Adama) and the political leader (President Roslin) that makes for great political drama. Plus it’s got the sci-fi aspects, plus the writers are doing the whole modern “continuing storyline” and how that has consequences for the characters.

Plus the chick who plays Starbuck is butch-y hot – and she’s from Portland; a home girl!

I kept reading online about the Season 3 finale, realized I didn’t want to be spoiled, and I decided to catch up on it. Turns out I like it. I found the disks at my local video lair (no, really – it’s called Video Lair and it rocks) last week and have been going back for more.

I just finished Season 1 last night. I’ll start Season 2 tonight. Don’t nobody spoil anything for me or I’ll kick your frakkin’ ass!