Google FTW!

Earlier this week I wiped my new sexy thing clean and reinstalled everything, from the OS up. Just an annual clean-up, plus I had some nagging problems that I wanted to try to fix.

I didn’t want to reinstall everything – I only wanted to have what I needed. In a year I collect a bunch of stuff that I use once or twice, then forget about. Plus, I have two programs that aren’t “universal” programs (able to run natively on Intel) – Quicken and Excel. Both of them are used to keep track of my finances. Both of them require Rosetta to run on my new sexy thing, which slows it down.

I didn’t really feel like putting MS Office v.X back on, just to open spreadsheets. I’d tried Google Docs in the past but my spreadsheet was too complicated and Google Docs didn’t support it at the time.

Looks like Google has made some improvements, because I just tried again and it opens the file just fine!

Google for the win! Buh-bye, Microsoft Office.