Site note

Because of a request by the commenter, I have hidden (but not deleted) the comments on my previous post Mystery of Multnomah Managers.

It’s a troubling situation for me, as far as the ethics go. But since I have no way to prevent folks from deleting their own comments as long as I keep using Blogger, then I didn’t see much choice.

Just to re-iterate, my published policy (last bullet) on comments is that I delete or mock anonymous comments, at my discretion. Until today, I didn’t have a posted policy about non-anonymous comments, but here it is:

If you’re going to comment, stand behind what you write and be prepared for it to be publicly available. To, y’know, everyone and anyone who wants to see it.

That is also the reason behind my dislike of anonymous comments; if you’re going to say something remember that you own your own words, now and forever.