Where I was

I just got back from… well, let’s just say that it’s the first time this atheist has been in a church for a long time. My sincere condolences to my best friend, Tracy and her family, for the unexpected loss of her father.

On reflection, I just want to state for the record a couple of things.

First, when I go (assuming I don’t live forever, as planned) I don’t want a fancy funeral. I want all my friends and family and anyone who wants to show up to all get together, and get roaring drunk, and sing and dance and laugh, and talk about all the good things I did and all the bad things (as in, “Wow, that was so funny when he screwed up like that!”) and just generally have a good time. I believe that’s called a wake.

Second, for the record, if there’s any gray area, and y’all aren’t sure if I’d have full use of my faculties, just turn off the machine. It’s OK with me. After all, my body is all I am and all I have.

Oh, hell. I can’t talk about this now. Just go read what I wrote the last time I had to think about death.