The Wisdom of “Scrubs”

“Scrubs” has somehow become the most-re-ran (re-runned?) show. I was going to say the most re-ran show ever but that honor still belongs to “Seinfeld” by virtue of it having more seasons.

At any rate, every night I can watch J.D., Turk, Carla, Elliot, and all the others, being funny and then reaching an honest, human emotional moment at the end. I do that a lot now.

Example of a “funny because it’s true” line from one of last night’s re-runs:

“When you’re mad at someone, you tend to talk to everyone else but that person.” – J.D.’s narration.

See? Funny, but so true.

So, don’t do that. And don’t spend a lot of time being mad at someone you love and care about. Honestly, ignoring someone is much more effective at irritating them, and you reap the benefit of not spending a lot of mental energy on them. It’s a lose-win (they lose, you win) which is the bestest.

NOTE: I am explicitly stating that this post is not directed at Tracy or anyone else. It’s just a snarky comment that came to mind. Honest. If anyone thinks I’m ignoring them on purpose, they’re probably wrong.