New diner!

I carpool with Tracy and her mom every day, and our morning route goes down SW Naito Parkway.

Friday morning I saw a little diner under the Broadway Bridge. It looked old, like it had been there for years, and yet I didn’t remember seeing it before. I don’t want to bust out my “native Portlander” stories, but believe me, I’ve got native cred like you wouldn’t believe, and for all the times I’ve been around that end of the Broadway, I didn’t remember seeing that diner, called, apparently, “Bridge Diner”.

Tracy and her mom were talking when we drove past, and I’m pretty much non-talk-y in the morning, so I didn’t say anything at the time, which means I have no witnesses to verify that I noticed anything unusual Friday morning. And it promptly fell out of my head as the day went on, so I didn’t google it or anything.

Until this morning, when I checked in on the Portland Mercury blog and saw a post about a movie that’s being filmed in Portland, starring Sly Stallone and Diane Lane… and the fake diner they built under the Broadway Bridge for a set, and how it’s all weathered and Portland-ized and how Diane Lane was in “Judge Dredd”, which I clearly don’t remember at all because that movie sucked.

Not that this will convince anyone, but I’m just happy I’m not crazy in that way – the way of “not remembering diners that have been there for years” way. Yay, me!