The Day After

The only thing better than Stevemas, when Steve Jobs unveils the new sexy

…is the day after, when every tube on the internets is filled with trucks bearing delicious commentary on the new sexy.

My first MP3 player was, perhaps contrary to expectations, not an iPod. I had a Diamond Rio MP500 back in the days of our ancestors, before there were iPods, strange as it may seem now. And even then, when I would stuff my laptop, my Palm PDA, my cell phone, and my MP3 player into various pockets and bags, in preparation for a visit into the light of the Daystar outside of my cave, I would think to myself, “self, what I need is something that is this [pointing to my cell phone] form factor, but does all of this. Surely there will come a day when I can get one device that will do this for me.” And after I made the required joke about calling myself Shirley, I would pause a moment and genuflect towards Cupertino in the hopes of hastening that day.

Bottom line for me: there’s a zero percent chance that I won’t get one. However, I’m on contract to T*Mobile until November, and the iPhone is Cingular-only. So I’ll have to figure something out between now and then.

But, c’mon. So. Damned. Sexy.