End of an awesome trip

Up ’til now I’ve been staying at David and Jackie’s house in Glen Head, NY, as I mentioned before.

From here on out, though, I’ll be spending lots of time in Manhattan. My plan from here on out is this:

  • Friday night: Spend as much time in Manhattan as possible.
  • Saturday pre-dawn: take last train back to Long Island and crash in David’s basement. Sleep ’til noon.
  • Saturday noon: Pack. Say goodbyes to David and Jackie and their kids.
  • Saturday afternoon: Leave David and Jackie’s place with baggage. Take the train to Newark, NJ and check in to the airport Hilton. Leave baggage in room.
  • Saturday afternoon and night: Take train to Manhattan and do everything I can (no specific plans)
  • Sunday pre-dawn: Take train back to hotel. Sleep and rest up for another night of partying.
  • Sunday afternoon: Go back to downtown with just my cell phone, some cash, and my camera.
  • Sunday 5:00 PM: Arrive in Times Square for the New Year’s Eve party. Get checked through the police barricades into “The Pen” (the blocked-off area at 45th and Broadway).
  • Sunday 5:00 PM – Past Midnight: Be locked into one spot for over 7 hours as part of a crowd of a million people. Watch the musical acts and watch the ball drop at midnight.
  • Sunday around midnight: text and call everyone I know to scream “Happy New Year” at them.
  • Sunday until 4:00 or 5:00 AM – wander around the City if I can, staying awake all night long.
  • Sunday around 5:00 AM – take the train back to the hotel and check out.
  • Sunday 7:45 AM – My flight leaves EWR – Newark International Airport for SEA – Seattle and the end of an awesome trip.

Watch for me on the teevee… I’ll be dressed in black (duh!).