Yes, I voted

Yay! I voted. I voted “Democratic” on all the people, I voted “Yes” to the library measure and the schools, and I voted “No” on all the other measures except for Measure 39 and Measure 44.

Oh, and I didn’t vote at all for all the judges, or anyone running unopposed. And I honestly can’t remember what I voted on the Metro bond measure. I hate Metro as an example of an unaccountable quasi-public agency (an example of Portland’s governmental corruption – handing money out to favored parties) but they’re asking for money for what they were originally created to do (preserve greenspaces and parks and stuff) so it seemed like a good thing.


Oh, and also, he said, but I can’t find a link anywhere, so you’re just going to have to trust me, he said, “If all you do is vote, you barely get a passing grade in citizenship.”

On that basis, yay! I’m (barely) passing!