Updated links page

I added some new links to my links page (deleted some, too, but I won’t mention those).

  • Jim Thompson’s blog – this man knows a lot about technology, and it shows. Plus he’s kinda arrogant about it. Makes for great reading.
  • Go Fug Yourself – A blog where two girls make fun of famous people’s fashion mistakes. Kinda gossipy, but damned funny. I’ve been reading this one for a long time; not sure why it’s taken me so long to add it to my permanent list.
  • National Novel Writing Month – I figured, since I plan on participating, I might as well add it to my page.
  • Outside.in – This is a new social site that lets people add reviews and items for a specific locality, like a mash-up of Google Maps and Citysearch, sort of. I’m going to play around with it. The link is to my own neighborhood but it will work anywhere.

…that it? Only four links added? Sorry, for some reason I thought it was more.