“La Science des rêves”

…known in America as “The Science of Sleep”, the new movie from director Michel Gondry.

In short, it is sweet and sad and funny and mean.

It’s everything. So good.

If you consider movies to be like waking dreams, this movie will take you several steps farther.

I love the fact that Gondry uses old-fashioned film and camera tricks, rather than state-of-the-art computer-generated special effects. It makes his movies feel homemade. Crafted, rather than manufactured. For me, the realism of the way the film is put together grounds the irreality of the story… I also liked the way that the three languages spoken in the film (English, French and Spanish) mirrored the weird dyslexia we feel in dreams.

And Gael Garcia Bernal is simply amazing in this.

Go. Dream along with Gondry.