Bus stories

A week ago I was a minute late for the bus, but as I approached the stop, from the front of the bus, in clear view of the driver, I could tell that he was waiting at the stop for a minute. I started to run to catch him before he pulled away. But he pulled away, drove right past me, and turned the corner and just kept going.

The older couple who get on that same bus with me everyday saw me that night and commiserated with me. “How could he do that?” they asked me. I shrugged and thanked them for the sympathy.

This morning the lady half of the couple was at the stop but her husband wasn’t. As she got on, she told the driver (SAME DRIVER) that her husband was running late.

“OK,” he said, “if I see him, I’ll stop for him.”

I was standing right behind her. I stopped and stared at him. “AND YOU WOULDN’T STOP FOR ME?!” came out of my mouth before I could hold back.

While the other lady laughed nerviously and said, “Oh, yeah…”, I stomped off to my seat and rolled my eyes and muttered bad words under my breath. I hope he got the message.

Yeah, I was pissed. But, what’re you gonna do? And getting angry at the drivers only makes them less likely to stop in the future. I just couldn’t help myself, though…