Spotted downtown last night:

Anti-authoritarianism in action.

First, the two signs on this door contradict each other. Be careful opening the door – but don’t open the door!

Second, obviously some anti-authoritarian has disobeyed both signs at once. Not only is it open, but there’s no one else around to take the special care that this door apparently needs when it is, in fact, open.

Third… isn’t a door that is never supposed to be open… not “a door” any more?! I think that it’s forfeited the right to be called a door at that point. Might as well be a wall or something.

Lastly, I think that last point clarifies the top sign in relation to the bottom one. “Be careful when opening this door… because it’s not actually a door.” See? Just a reasonable application of logic and rational thinking can resolve almost anything.