Love her

Storm turned in a masterful, subdued, powerful, honest performance last night on “Rockstar: Supernova”. I’m not sure the audience is going to appreciate that, considering the other contenders just belt out the songs and play it up, but hopefully for those who have been paying attention they’ll see that Storm knows when to rock and when to hold back.

Other performers? There were other performers? Heh. OK, watching the bald kid sing “Home, home, where I wanted to be” (from (still-not-as-good-as-Radiohead) Coldplay’s “Clocks”), knowing he’s missing his baby’s first steps back in the old country, was a sentimental moment. And it’s nice that the boys are flying his family out to be with him. Demonstrates that rock stars take care of their own, y’know?

And… what’s the deal with Jill? I didn’t think she was that bad. Did she piss off the boys or something? Not sleep with them? Sleep with them wrong, or something? It was actually painful to watch her face go from “Happy to have performed well” to “Smiling even though they’re tearing her apart”. And she had to maintain that zombie-fied smile while Brooke Burke hugged her and talked until they went to commercial. I felt really bad for her.

…still voted for Storm, though. Duh. Love her.