How NOT to Photoshop

When I heard that Kari Byron from MythBusters had done a 4-page pictorial for FHM magazine (in the July ’06 issue) I knew I had to find those pictures.

However, when I found them (at least the ones online), I was a bit disappointed.

So, in the interest of science, try the following yourself:

  1. Take a moment to imagine what such a pictorial could look like.
  2. Then check out the pics.

(Note: this is not a trick to get you to click on something horrible. I promise.)

My thoughts: this is an example of how you photoshop someone to the point of making them look worse.

Ken said “She is young and hot but in those pics she looks like the winner of a hottest moms contest.” I agree.

Ken also pointed out the obvious photoshopping done – check out how the lines of the tile grouting aren’t straight when they go behind her legs.