Less cool?

I’ve posted about Backspace before. I love it. Well, I loved it. They’ve re-arranged things so now it’s much less cool than it was before.

For their Third Anniversary they moved all the couches into the back, to clear space for the live bands. And then they haven’t moved the couches back.

Having all those couches in the front, by the huge picture windows, was the best. Comfy couches, surfing, iced mochas, great music (take a look at what’s playing right now), and people-watching. There was no better place in Portland to hang out.

But with the couches in the back, around the pool tables… Scratch people-watching from the list because only the really really dorky people play pool. And they get all stupid when they do it, like thinking they’re some kind of fancy pool-playin’ fool and jumping the balls off the table.

…where they bounce into the comfy couches. Or, say, into an expensive laptop. Or even someone’s noggin.

Don’t worry. It hasn’t happened yet. My new sexy laptop and noggin are both safe. But I’ve had at least one near-miss already, and that makes me sad. I don’t want to think of Backspace as less cool. I want them to stay and remain the coolest place in town.

I sent them an email outlining my concerns, even offering to chip in for more couches, and Drew (at least I think it was Drew – he signed it “-d” which [warning: geek joke ahead] is the default switch for Drew-ness) responded and validated my concerns, agreeing that people are idiots when they play pool, and saying that they’re getting more couches. So, here’s a big Yay! to Backspace for listening to their customers!