Sometimes I go to the farthest limits of the internets, places where sanity and rationality take a backseat to absurdity and Dadaism*.

No, I’m not talking about Fox “News”. I’m talking about the really really weird stuff.

Words can’t describe what I see on those far-flung internets.

But I’m so glad I’ve found a Keepin’ It Real Frog. He’s there for me.


No, I’m not drunk right now. Stop looking at me like that. That frog is keepin’ it so real.

Think about it – if the Keepin’ It Real Frog is what I take along with me as my anchor, my touchstone – what must those hinterlands of the internets be like?

* The thing about Dadaism, is… once it’s been done, it’s pretty much over. It was funny for that split second before everybody got it, though, I’ll bet.