I picked up Thom Yorke’s solo album “The Eraser” today (and if you downloaded the illegal copy, of course you’ve now purchased a legal copy, right?), and when I got to track 4 I discovered that this was the song that played over the end credits of “A Scanner Darkly”.

I guess I should have researched it more, after posting earlier about the songs not being on the soundtrack album, but over on At Ease they list the four songs Richard Linklater got permission to use in the movie:

    “Amazing Sounds of Orgy” and . “Black Swan”

  • “Fog”
  • “Skttrbrain” (Four Tet RMX)
  • …and “Black Swan” from The Eraser.

So now I have two of those four. Still need to find that remix and “Amazing Sounds of Orgy” somewhere.

No, no, don’t tell me. I’ll find them… eventually. I’m good at finding things out. It’s my special talent.

PS: “The Eraser” makes great running music for me. I had a great time tonight in the cooling evening air listening to Mr. Yorke’s thin reedy voice…