I love Everyday Music.

I stopped in there tonight to see if they had the “A Scanner Darkly” soundtrack. There were no less than four new (at least new to me) Radiohead songs listed in the credits, including on called “Black Swan” that played over the end credits.

Everyday Music had the soundtrack – but none of the Radiohead tracks were on it. Maybe Thom and Jonny are saving the songs for their unreleased album? I don’t know. I was just bummed about them not being easily accessible.

At any rate, I poked around in the bins while I was there. Seeing the trailer for the Leonard Cohen biopic several times now, I checked out what they had on him. One old “Best of” album, new not used. I got it because I’ll start with the “Best of” stuff and then if I like it I’ll run down some of the others.

But the bestbestbest find of the night was a “promotional copy / not for resale” of the Long Winters’ as-yet-unreleased album, “Putting The Days To Bed”. Score!

When I plunked it down on the counter, I said to the cute record-store girl, “I feel so naughty buying this!”

She just looked at it, puzzled, then back at me and shrugged. She didn’t get it. “Nah. It’s OK.”

If flirting is a test, then she failed mine. Oh, well, I’m sure she’s a very nice person.