Feelin’ geeky

OK, one more small post before I go to bed and call today “done”.

Hmmm… I’m wondering how much backstory to give to this story. But I want this to be a short post. So post a question if you don’t get it.

Mac OS X has a system-wide spell check, that shows those little dotted red lines under misspelled words in any application where the user can, um, type. And mine has been mis-working lately. Specifically, it’s working in everything except Safari, my browser.

If this had been Windows, and I was an average user, I would have probably just had to reboot to get the spell check working again. But it’s not; it’s the beautiful, elegant, stable Mac OS X. And I’m not; I’m an almost-certified computer technician with over 11 years of professional experience in the field of Just Making The Damned Things Work, Already!

(Sorry… post getting longer… can’t help it… I’m a writer, not an editor.)

Anyway – the process that runs in the background that handles the spell check is called “AppleSpell”. I poked around on some of the internets to see if there was a simple way to restart it, but, sadly, it’s not quite that simple. However, I found that if I just use Activity Monitor to stop the process, and then re-enable the option in Safari to “Check spelling as you type” it did the trick!

And if that seems like a lot of effort to avoid a reboot, you just don’t understand that I haven’t rebooted my new sexy thing in over six days… and counting!

Yay for not having to reboot!