Apology & update

I apologize to any readers I have left. Updates around here (and here, but not so much here) have been sparse lately.

I’m taking a mental break, a step back, a re-alignment of my goals and where I want to be, but I still have plenty to talk about, and by extension, plenty to blog about. So begining this week, I should be posting much more than I have been, and (hopefully) about a wider variety of topics and styles.

In the next two months I plan on taking a look at my first (unpublished) novel and outlining and starting my second novel. I also plan on actually looking into getting the damned things published or getting feedback on what needs to happen before I can hold in my own two hands my novel (which would seem to rule out e-publishing, wouldn’t it?)

I have other plans, also, but those are the ones most related to this blog and potentially of interest to any of the readers I have left…

Thanks for your patience and feel free to comment over and over again about anything at all. I love comments!