Typos are a good thing

In a text message to me, Tracy had a typo that I have decided is worthy of being a real word.

She typed “ammuniacting” instead of “communicating”.

I kept using it, and Tracy thought I was mocking her. I was not. I just liked the sound of this new word. But when she challenged me to use it in a sentence, I wasn’t sure of it’s actual meaning.

Until now. I present the formal definition of the word. Feel free to use it and link back to this post for (my and Tracy’s) future posterity.

Am • mun • i • act: (uh • MYOO • nee • akt) – Verb – to appear to communicate, especially regarding ones’ feelings or emotional states, but instead to actually confuse the target even further. vt., am • mun • i • act • ing; am • mu • ni • ac • tion