My sister almost broke down into tears when she discovered my Mother’s Day present to her.

My brother-in-law had a BBQ yesterday to celebrate their new deck Mother’s Day. The steaks he grilled up were delicious and tender and awesome.

Shortly before the food was due to be served, however, I discovered that, even though there was plenty of booze, there was an absence of mixers. Since I hadn’t (yet) been drinking I offerred to drive down to the store and pick some up. I collared my nephew to help me carry stuff and borrowed my sister’s car.

Of course, my sister’s car was running on fumes – the needle on E and gas light on steady. So I filled up the tank.

Ouch! No wonder she doesn’t fill it up often. The car required premium, even. I might just skip getting my sister a birthday present this year… sheesh.

So even though I told my sister that she was over-reacting a bit when she found out later what I had done… Down inside I think it was an appropriate reaction. Holy crab! That shit’s expensive!