Lazy tech-y posting

It’s raining in Portland, OR today. Dreary day. My allergies are kicking up, and I figure it must be the mold rather than the pollen.

I breakfasted at Starbucks. Delicious soy chai and cinnamon roll. Times two. Yes, I had two of each. It’s a double-serving kind of day today.

Worked a little on my site. Added two new feeds to the sidebar down there – in addition to the standard Blogger Atom feed, I’ve got a generic RSS feed and a link to add my site to your Bloglines page. I can tell from the webserver stats that some of you are using Bloglines and figured I’d make it easy for anyone else to try it, too.

It was easier than I thought it would be to add those. I started out investigating using PHP and PEAR to parse the RSS feeds, but it turns out that Atom is different enough that the script I found didn’t work. So I had to find a way to add a standard RSS feed to my pages… and that led me to Feedburner, and that gave me simple code to copy-and-paste into my template… easy-peasy.