Series of shocks and disappointments this morning, some worse than others:

  • dante, due to my mortal enemy’s failure, was unreachable all night and most of the morning, cutting me off from my site and my email.
  • The cute blonde barista that gave me her email address last week gave me ample evidence this morning that she’s only doing her job and being customer-friendly – nothing more.
  • I find myself monumentally unmotivated at work (not that that’s a new thing, mind you, but the guys on the team I work with were complaining more heavily and passive-aggressively than usual about the workload)
  • And the scariest piece of news is that last night around 4:00, when I was leaving work, there was a shooting on the corner by my building.

What in the hucking fell am I doing here? If I could be randomly injured at any moment, why am I wasting time working somewhere I despise?

Something’s got to change.