Why do projects, which seem so simple at first, always seem to snowball into larger and larger projects?

So, as mentioned, I’m elbows-deep into redesigning this site. Basically from the ground up. It’s fun, being all design-y and stuff. I’m digging it.

But I’ve realized that I’m going to have to go back over my previous posts on this blog and add the appropriate CSS tags to make the styles all work correctly. I wish I was better at using grep or awk – would make it so much easier.

But then, I also had a realization about domain names and blog names (those are two different things to me – I’ve caused confusion in others by mixing-and-matching). For instance, here are the domains I own:

And here’s the thing. The Lie Factory blog is on liefactory.com. Run, Moon, Run! is on runmoonrun.com.

But Lunar Obverse, this blog you’re reading now, isn’t on lunarobverse.com. I got to thinkin’ it should be.

But Lunar Obverse, the blog, is my personal blog. However, Lunar Obverse Consulting is my DBA and business name.

The reason I’ve been holding off putting something up at lunarobverse.com is because I meant for that to be my professional site. Now I’m thinking that maybe I should move this personal blog that you’re reading now to lunarobverse.com, and make bamoon.com or brian-moon.com my professional site.

Decisions, decisions. The more I thought about it (and was gently prodded about it by my friends) I realized that, if I was really super-cool, I could make one page the jumping-off point, and aggregate all the new content in one place for your reading pleasure. That would probably be kinda easy to do, although I don’t know how much strain that would put on dante. I’ve been making a lot of requests of Caleb lately and he’s been very supportive but I don’t want to push it…

For now I’m just going to finish the re-design. Then update the back posts, fix broken image tags and links. Finally I’ll figure out what to do with all the domains I now own. It’s an ownership society, they tell me, so I guess I’m doing pretty well in virtual estate.

As a side note, this will mark my 933rd post on Lunar Obverse. I might have a celebration or contest or something for my 1000th post. I’ve got a lot of garbage swag I could give away… Just an idea. Maybe it’ll boost my readership!